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Farm System Configuration

Beginning, improving or consolidating your farms IT

Farming is becoming more and more complex. There are more regulations and the marketplace is ever changing, and that’s before you look at the books!

First up – what we are not – we are not farmers…. This may sound like we won’t know what we are doing on a farm and in a lot of way you are correct. But, we have worked with many industries from wineries to Gas Utility Companies and we don’t know how to make wine or drill and transport gas, but we do know IT and we do know how to get it to work for you!

You are a business; you have many of the same business drivers as the “Apple’s” of this world – stripped back you need to make more than you spend and you need to comply the appropriate laws to have a viable business.

Birchmore Consulting has the skills and experience to help unpack some of this complexity and give you more time to focus on your primary concern – farming. Let us help tailor a solution for you – we can help with;


  • Livestock/Pasture/Crop management software selection, implementation and maintenance

  • Accounting software

  • Work/Task Management

  • Integration between Systems

  • Reporting  - tailored reporting to provide you the views that make sense to you…

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