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Why Mobility

It is amazing how many meetings I have been involved in where mobility is discussed as a "nice to have". Usually everyone in the room is holding a smart phone and has a laptop open - they are checking emails or skyping a last minute message before the meeting starts - often we are not even in the same room and using technology to communicate.

I would argue that mobility can provide some of the best efficiency gains and best staff uptake, if done correctly...

Why - well mobility allows information to be gathered and/or viewed WHERE is it needed WHEN it is needed or available. This reduces errors and most importantly it EMPOWERS the user to do their work - usually allowing the completion of tasks in the field.

How - they must be designed correctly and on the right device;

  • Simple and intuitive screen layouts - design driven by user experience rather than data or management needs.

  • Inputs - use the right inputs - eg list boxes, use the right devices - smart pen, barcode readers

  • Devices - use the device appropriate for the task, is it bright enough? is it water proof, is it cheaper to buy "off the shelf" consumer vs specialist rugged items?

  • Online vs Offline - it doesn't matter where you are - connectivity can always drop - make sure the system isn't reliant on connectivity all the time.

Speak to us about how we can find the right mobility solution for you

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